Welcome to Tanshu Metal Products a subsidiary of Tanshu Australia Pty. Ltd. We are the manufacturer of sheet metal, laser cut, welded subassemblies, CNC turned and machined parts for metal industries and light engineering services to Australian Industries. We are in the manufacturing of metal products, fabricated and finished products from stainless steel, mild steel, aluminum and copper based alloys. Our Laser cut and CNC facilities provide accuracy with highspeed production for small and bulk orders.
We are based in western suburb of Sydney. Our professionals are well qualified and having years of experience in metal industries like manufacturing, inspection, quality and ontime delivery. We understand the value of customer’s requirements in terms of cost, quality and delivery

Facilities at Tanshu Metal Products

Laser Cut Machines

CNC Press Break/Bending Machine

CNC Turning/Machining Centre

Welding and Fabrication

Softwares CAD/CAM & META CAM

Inspection and Testing

Tanshu Australia Pty. Ltd. , Western Suburb of Sydney